Peter Shin

Peter has a Master’s degree in finance. He has 8 years of experience working with a renowned Investment services and Wealth management firm. Enticed by the cryptocurrencies, he decided to use his knowledge and great analytical skills to help the investors.

Evan Schindler

Evan has been helping ICOs to achieve their goals since over a year. Born in Pittsburgh, he comes from the marketing background and hence very well understands how to endorse the ICOs and raise funds. His love for cryptocurrencies and ICOs made him start writing.

Samantha Shaibani

Samantha or as most of her friends know her - “Sam” is an expert Website designer. Technical or visual, she knows it all. She loves writing and has been attracted by the blockchain technology. She can very well analyse the technical aspects of the blockchain related developments.

Camila Kerwin

Camilia, after studying Journalism, comparative literature and completing her documentary studies at MECA, decided to become a successful writer. Her passion for writing on new things brought her here.