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Swatt Exchange Launches Data Tools for Sophisticated Crypto Trading Decisions

Controlled alpha release of two key tools in suite of Swatt Data products allow traders to explore and manipulate data for investment strategies

MIAMI, July 18, 2018 — The Swatt Exchange, an exchange for sophisticated crypto-asset traders, today announced the launch of two key tools for exploring and manipulating data to boost investment strategies. The controlled release of the alpha version of the Swatt Data platform marks the first product launch from the Swatt Exchange after months of customer pre-registration signups.

The first in the pair of tools is a web-based charting interface for quick explorations of the data, which provides more than 300 unique data series for 14 different blockchains. The time series data currently focuses on fundamental blockchain data and basic market data. The charting tool, for example, displays crypto-asset closing prices against fees per transaction and transaction count in a clear, simple interface that aids discovery of optimal trading strategies.

The second Swatt Data tool is a well-documented API for users to download rich time-series data sets and customize their analyses  for new investment strategies.

“We have constantly heard from customers that they need better tools to devise their trading strategies. We are proud today to be answering that call by introducing sophisticated tools to the market,” Swatt Exchange CEO and Founder Marshall Swatt said. “The Swatt Data platform will be the most comprehensive data source for supporting trade decisions of blockchain-based assets, “

As well as inviting customers and supporters to recommend new features for its suite of tools, Swatt’s roadmap also includes adding market data by integrating with dozens of exchanges and providing the ability to quickly dive in and explore blockchain transaction details.

About Swatt Exchange:

Based in Miami, Swatt Exchange was founded in 2017 by Marshall Swatt, who has previously built robust multi-billion dollar trading platforms in the traditional and crypto-asset markets. Swatt Data is the company’s first platform for products ahead of the planned launch of a fully-compliant exchange for sophisticated crypto-asset traders. Access to the Swatt Data tools is available through registration at Swatt Data Early Access

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